Directory Infographics Features

Directory Infographics Features:

DirectoryInfographics is a fully featured PHP infographic directory software that can be used as an extension to your existing business site or as a stand-alone platform.


Infographics Directory Features


General Site Features:

  • Responsive website and compatible with most devices.
  • SEO Friendly URLs.
  • Optimized for faster download.
  • Database optimized for better performance.
  • Better meta properties for indexing with search engines.
  • Multiple Price Packs for Featured Infographics listings.
  • Advertisements for additional Revenue. Supports JS, Remote Image and PHP Smarty codes.
  • Infinite Scrolling for Infographics Posts.
  • Compatible with most browsers.
  • PayPal payment gateway for accepeting payments for featured listings.
  • 4 Footer widgets with newsletter subscription option.
  • Home page slider with custom background and foreground images.
  • Ajax based Reporting for false submission.
  • Contact Form on Contact us page. Data gets saved in database and send notification email to admin. Google Maps with marker option.
  • All Site pages can be viewed which are created by admin with dynamic sidebar menu option.
  • Change default site’s language.

User Registration and Login system:

  • Sign up with email validation.
  • Welcome Email after validation email.
  • Setting up strong password.
  • No login access if email not verified.
  • Retrieve Password using Forgot Password.
  • Resend Confirmation Mail.
  • Profile Settings.

Customer Role on Front Site:

  • An user can submit any number of infographic posts.
  • Customer can save/favorite any number of posts and can access all the lists from MY FAVORITES page


  • Create multiple super admins and staff admins. (Staff admins cannot delete any of the records.)
  • Create unlimited Site Pages
  • Create unlimited categories
  • Logo Upload and set it for back end and front end sites.
  • Enable / Disable upload of Infographics. If upload disabled, then Remote Image URL needs to be submitted by customer and system will fetch the image and store it in your local server folder.
  • Approve or Auto approve all infographic posts.
  • Manage / view / edit customers.

Admin Infographics Management:

  • Manage Infographic posts with status of Approved, Rejected, Pending and Deleted by customers.
  • Edit Infographic Posts.
  • Edit Infographic Tags.
  • Edit Infographic Credits.
  • Overwrite Infographics.
  • Overwrite Permalink.
  • Add More Tags if required while editing infographic post.
  • New or Pending Inforaphics Notification on Top and Sidebar Menu.
  • Manage Soft Deleted Infographics from users.
  • Manage Rejected Infographics from admin or users.

User Infographics Management:

  • Sharing option on most social media platforms.
  • Displaying the total social media share counts.
  • Claim Infographics option for authentic owners.
  • Ajax Reporting of Infographics to admin via E-mail.
  • Auto Appending of Custom UTM parameter for all outgoing links.
  • User can submit unlimited Infographics.
  • Subscribe of User or Categories based Infographics RSS Feed.
  • Sidebar with Latest and Popular Infographics list.
  • Emed Infographic Code to back links.
  • Users can Rate 5 Star voting system per infographic basis.
  • User can Edit Infographics for more clarification if they find any mistakes.

Infographics Upload process:

  • User can submit Remote Image URL or upload Infographics images based on admin settings.

Price Packs Management - Admin:

  • Generate as many price packs as you desire.
  • Enable / Disable Price Pack when ever you want.
  • Create / Edit / Manage Price Packs from your Super Admin Panel.

Categories Management - Admin:

  • Create unlimited Top Level Categories.
  • Manage and Edit anytime.
  • Enable / Disable Categories.

Multilingual Content System:

  • Create as many languages you want for your front site.
  • Default English and Hindi Languages included.
  • Creating new languages easily from admin panel.

Webmaster Tools:

  • Verify with Google Webmasters with Google Meta Verification.
  • Verify with Bing Webmasters with Bing Meta Verification.

Custom CSS Stylesheet:

  • Add your own style from admin panel.
  • Whenever there is an upgrade, do not worry about overwriting stylesheets.

Sidebar options:

  • Enable / disable popular infographic posts with number of posts to be displayed in sidebar.
  • Enable / disable recent infographic posts with number of posts to be displayed in sidebar.
  • Enable / disable categories to be displayed in sidebar.

3rd Party Comments Plugin:

Users and visitors would love to comment faster without registering, hence we have added comment plugins from third parties. You can activate any of the plugins from your admin panel.

  • Facebook comment plugin.
  • Disqus comment plugin.


  • Generate revenue with Featured Infographics listings.
  • Generate revenue with advertise management on front site.

Script Installation:

  • Easy Auto Installation.

Revenue Transactions:

  • View all online payments for all orders.
  • View transactions of payment gateways.

PayPal Payment Gateway:

  • Sandbox option to test before going live.
  • Email alert to customer after completing PayPal transaction.
  • Email alert to admin with all variables from PayPal gateway.

CRON Automation:

  • Cron automation of Sending SMS, Mass Newsletter Emails, Sitemap Generation and other important activities.

Customer and Admin Activities Logs:

  • Most of the activities from admin and customers will be logged and same can be accessed by admin.

Admin Notes:

  • Admin can create unlimited notes and set for email reminders. Very useful for to do activities.

Database Management:

  • Repair, Truncate and Optimize database tables from admin panel.
  • View of database table data.
  • Download Database Backup using Export option. Database can be downloaded in SQL format, ZIP format and get database backup on your email.

Support System:

  • 1 to 1 like Support System.
  • Email Alert to customer once support query answered.
  • Email Alert to admin notification email when customer submits new query.

Server Load Management:

  • View your Server Loads. System also have set an alert over an e-mail to admin when the load average is above 20.00.

PHP Info:

  • View your server PHP configuration.


  • Manage, Create and Edit Advertisements.
  • Use Javascript, HTML and PHP Smarty codes on the fly.
  • Include Google Ads System or any other Affiliate promotion system.
  • Generate revenue for lifetime.


  • Auto and Manual Sitemap Generation.
  • Paging System per sitemap.
  • Sitemaps can be generated for all posts, categories, pages, users/authors, tags.
  • Pinging of Sitemaps to Search engines such as Google and Bing.

RSS Feed:

  • RSS Feed for Latest Posts
  • RSS Feed for Categories.
  • RSS Feed for Users.

Newsletter Sign Up Management:

  • Have your site visitors and members to subscribe for your site newslettters and send newsletters to your email lists.
  • Visitors and members can unsubscribe easily from your newsletter lists.


  • Send E-mail using SMTP or PHPMAIL functions.
  • Manage E-mail Templates.
  • Newsletters Email Management.
  • SMS Announcements.
  • Send UNICODE SMS to all customers (Any Language).


  • Manage Super Admin and Staff Admin Roles.
  • Manage / Add Unlimited Customers.
  • Manage Site-wide Settings.
  • Manage / add Unlimited Site Pages (Front end pages).
  • Manage Payment Gateways.
  • Manage Home Page Sliders.
  • Manage Footer Widgets.
  • Manage CRON Automation.
  • Language Editing options in admin panel for customer panel.
  • Support Management for customers.
  • Manage IP Banning.
  • Manage Newsletter Subscribers.
  • Manage Contact Form submitted by Visitors.
  • Manage Deleting of Infographic files, Cache files and Database Backup files.
  • Manage Database Tables. (Repair / Truncate Database tables)
  • Manage System Logs.
  • Database Backup option.
  • Manage and view Online Payments received.
  • View Customer Payments basis on Invoice payment status.
  • Default Currency options.
  • Default Date options.
  • Server-side and client-side validations on all form submissions.