Installing Directoryinfographics



After you’ve purchased your license, you can download DirectoryInfoGraphics from Member’s Area from Downloads section. If you have not purchased yet, please purchase a copy from here.

Download a zipped folder DirectoryInfoGraphics copy to your local system.



Once downloaded, you have two options to upload the script to your server, cPanel and FTP.

a. cPanel: If you are using cPanel, you can directly upload the zipped folder using File Manager to your root directory or your desired sub-domain or folder and extract the folder on your server-side.

b. FTP Client: We recommend you to use FileZilla, Extract the zipped folder in your local system and upload all the files to your server using your favorite FTP client.

Set the following files with writable permission on your server (CHMOD 777)


Once you set CHMOD 777 to above files, lets move on to creating Database.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are installing in sub-folder (Eg: then you need to edit .htaccess in the upload folder. Assuming directoryinfographics is as your new sub-folder where you are going to upload. 
Open .htaccess and replace RewriteBase / to RewriteBase /directoryinfographics/



Before we run the installation process, we need to create a database with user permission to install database during installation.

Go to your cPanel > MySQL Database and following window appears:

Create Database
Create a new database with your desired name and click to create it.

Now, we need to create a new user with password for our database. On the same page, scroll below, you will find Add New User, enter your desired username and confirm password, store the password somewhere safe, we need it later during the installation.

Create Database User

Once you created user, now you need to add that user to your database. Go to Add a User to a Database. Add User to Database

Click on add by selecting user and database which you just created, following window appears.

Add User Privileges

Select All Privileges and click on Make changes. Now, you are done with setting up the database.



Once you are done with all above steps properly. Now is the time to run our installation setup. To run the installer, you need to head to our installer url. This depends on where you are going to use DirectoryInfographics script.

Option 1: If you have uploaded files to the root directory and your main domain is, installer will be available at

Option 2: If you have uploaded files to the sub-domain directory and your main sub-domain is, installer will be available at

Option 3: If you have uploaded files to a directory as DirectoryInfographics and your domain URL is, installer will be available at

Once you go to the given URL, Installation process starts.

1ST STEP – DirectoryInfoGraphics TERMS

Read carefully about DirectoryInfoGraphics Terms and if you agree to DirectoryInfographics Terms and Conditions, then click on Next to go to 2nd Step.



Our Script will check the necessary settings of your server which are required for DirectoryInfographics and gives you the output with all the results. If any important compatibility test fails, then you need to contact our support team or contact your host to enable the requirements. If everything is fine, then click on Next to go to 3rd Step.

Install Step 2


Now, you need to enter database details in the 3rd step.

Install Step 3

Click on Next Step to go to 4th Step after entering all the inputs correctly. If database successfully makes the connection with the given information, Database and other settings will be created and takes you to the next step.


You need to add Super Admin details such as E-mail, Username and Password which is required to login to admin panel.

Install Step 4

Congratulations!, you now have a successful DirectoryInfographics software installed on your server. Once successfully finishes, now you can login to your admin panel to make necessary settings.


Once your installation is successful, you do not keep the install folder live on your server. Just check everything once by logging into your admin panel, if the site is opening properly, then your installation is successful and we do not need install folder anymore, just delete the entire install folder from your server.


Please refer our Initial Guide to make necessary changes to run DirectoryInfographics smoothly in no time.


Our Support Team will provide you free installation support if you are unable to follow the installation process. Contact us.