Setting Up Facebook App ID and Secret

To allow your users to sign up or sign in with Facebook OAUTH login, then please follow this tutorial.

First of all, we need to get Facebook's App ID and Secret to initiate this setting.

So go to and click on Add a New App Button to create your new App ID.

Facebook Add a New App

A pop up window appears, click on Website as shown in the screenshot below.

Facebook Choose Website

Enter your App or Site name and click on Create New App ID.

Enter again, your contact email and select your preferred category. Click on Create App ID.

Your App ID is now successfully created, on the following page, enter your website URL and click on Next.

Now, go to the Top Right of the page, where it shows My Apps Dropdown, click on dropdown, select your app.

It will take you to your App Dashboard. Click on Show within the App Secret input as shown in the screenshot.

Facebook App Dashboard

Go to Settings on the left sidebar below Dashboard menu.

Make the necessary settings. Once you are done with the settings. Now, move on to App Review on the left sidebar.

Facebook App Review

Once you are ready to go public, toggle Yes to Make public.

That's it with Facebook settings.

Login to your admin panel and go to Settings > Front Site, Go to Facebook App Related Content box.

Directory Infographics Facebook App Settings

Enable Facebook Login -> Yes

Copy paste your Facebook App ID

Copy paste your Facebook App Secret.

Now, you are good to go and your users will enjoy faster login or signup process using Facebook Single Signon process.

Good Luck!

Team Directory Infographics