Setting Up Google OAUTH Login

To allow your users to sign up or sign in with Google OAUTH login, then please follow this tutorial.

First of all, we need to get Google's Client ID and Client Secret to initiate this setting.

Go to Google API Console,, Click on Create New Project.

Google API Console Create New Project

Name your project and click on Create.

Now Click on Enable API on top content page. Under Social APIs, Click on Google+API.

Click on Enable from the appeared page.

After enabling, Go to Credentials. Click on Create Credentials, From the Drop Down Menu, Click on OAUTH Client ID.

Google API Console Create Client OAUTH ID

Click on Configure Consent Screen.

Google API Console Configure Consent Screen

Enter Product Name, Home Page URL, Your Logo URL, Privacy and Terms URL and click on Save.

After saving, Select Application Type as Web Application.

Enter your App Name, Authorized JavaScript origins (your main URL).

In the Authorized redirect URIs, you have to enter the following URL replace with your domain name

Click on Create. Google would give you OAUTH Client ID and Secret. Copy and save it.


Go to your Directory Infographics Software Admin Panel, Settings -> Front Site.

Directory Infographics Google OAUTH2 Setup

Set Enable Google OAUTH 2 Login to Yes.

Paste your Client ID in Google OAUTH2 Client ID.

Paste your Client Secret in Google OAUTH2 Client Secret.

Now, you are good to go and your users will enjoy faster login or signup process using Google Single Signon process.

Good Luck!

Team Directory Infographics